The Village Academy Charter

The Village Academy was founded to provide support to its member schools to achieve the very best standards of teaching and learning, and high levels of engagement with the wider school community. We strive for excellence in providing a nurturing and caring environment essential for the inspiration and achievement of all pupils in all of our schools.

Contextual background
The Village Academy is a group of six schools across South and East Kent; town, village and coastal; Church and community. 

Two of the six are Church of England in their character (Selling and Milstead & Frinsted). One has an attached Nursery (Lydd). Four are rural in character (Selling, Milstead & Frinsted, Lynsted & Norton and Petham).Two are coastal (Lydd and Dymchurch).

Our Founding Principles

* All children can succeed. 
* Teaching should be ‘Good’ or better in all of our schools.
* We are committed to continued improvement in all of our schools.
* Our greatest assets are the people within our schools.
* We support the development of our staff through the sharing of good practice, provision of opportunities to work across the Trust, and to identify opportunities to improve.
* Each of our schools works within its own distinct context and community; we celebrate and cherish this individuality.
* The curriculum within our schools will inspire children to engage and achieve.
* We strive to reduce unnecessary bureaucracy and increase efficiency.
* Effective leadership and teaching are key to raising standards.
* Schools and staff at all levels will collaborate with and support each other.
* We engage with other Trusts, academies, schools and organisations to share good practice.
* We invest in the professional development of leaders at all levels of the organisation through dedicated training and opportunities to experience genuine responsibility.
* We invest in the professional development of teachers through individual training opportunities and peer mentoring.
* We are committed to the safeguarding of all children and adults and to the wellbeing of our staff.